Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad campaign, let's call them to the table....

I'm just an average liberal Mom, forced to live in the suburbs. Here, I see many things. I know that certain Americans are buying into the overzealous, raucous, blazing lies coming from McCain's political ads. The use of fear mongering is no stranger to American politics and government. Why, the Nazis had this down pat. Create an enemy, create fear, gain power and control. I'm shocked at the number of Americans who steadfastly believe every ad McCain puts out. Every single one of them, very disheartening and disturbing. I'm an average Mom, and I've never wrote a blog before. These ads and the ensuing drama that followed angered me enough, that I had to put down on paper my feelings of anger, shock, and disbelief.

How is it possible that we live in a 'progressive' country, where McCain supporters are shouting horrendous things about Obama at McCain's rallies like "KILL HIM!" or "TERRORIST". What sort of people would shout such things, and why are they so filled with hatred? Is this my neighbor, your neighbor? Isn't that a frightening thought? What's next? Are they going to be burning crosses in Obama supporter yards? Are we going to be mobbed and lynched? When are they going to show up with the blazing torches of racism? Reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials no doubt. Sure, we have the right to free speech, but since when is hate speech tolerated? Since when is it legal to maliciously slander a person's character on national television? Where is Obama's legal counsel? Why doesn't Obama sue him for slander? How can a so-called 'honest man', propagate such racism, mixing in all out lies and not be called to the table?

In all honesty, I had always viewed McCain with a bit of reverence and respect, even though I've been a lifelong liberal. He always seemed to carry himself with a bit of dignity, so what happened? Any ounce of respect I had for him is past long gone, never to return. He has hurt his own character with the blade from his own sword. Are the Republicans that desperate, that they are willing to propagate absolute lies, for the sake of the campaign? And if so, why are more people not seeing through this?

I went down to WashU for the VP debate. We milled around, just wanting to be part of history. There were children holding up signs of cut up fetuses. A man was shouting on a bullhorn about the killing of innocent children, yet repeated the same mantra, word for word, when asked about the killing of innocent children in the middle east. It was like he was on a reel, saying the same thing over and over again, broken record style. Apparently, he was incapable of making any other sort of argument. What has happened to these Americans? Is this purely a sign of lack of intelligence? Or is it merely a bump in the chain of evolution? I ponder that such Americans have some defective gene, one that doesn't allow capable thought processes. Does Mother Nature not weed out the weak, so that only the strong will survive? If so, what will happen to these misguided souls when evolution calls for retribution in the name of progress? What will happen to them?

Don't even get me started on this Palin woman. McCain was trying to pull the Hillary sympathizers over, but what he didn't realize is, there is no comparison between Hillary and Sarah. Apples, oranges, and all that. The two couldn't be less alike! I've been an Obama supporter from the start, even before it was 'cool', lol. I had wished Hillary would join the ticket, but she poured way too much water under that bridge for that to ever happen. Damn. I do like Biden, and his experience compared to Palin's is obviously insurmountable.

I'm waiting for McCain and Palin to get called to the table, brought up on charges, and persecuted within the full extent of the law. We need to get this moving, and stop the lies and proliferation of hatred they are vigorously pursuing. It goes against everything in moral character, not to mention the very fabric of this country was built upon. Smear campaigns are nothing new, but McCain has brought this to a whole new level. He deserves swift and permanent reprimands, and should undoubtedly have his ticket pulled permanently.

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